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Thought Piece: UK Building Societies

Building societies account for over £26bn of publicly listed securities and private placements issued through a wide range of financial instruments, from covered bonds to junior capital. They form an important and highly regulated part of the financial infrastructure in the UK with a major share of the residential mortgage and savings market. Yet they have a surprisingly low profile amongst sterling bond investors, despite the important role they fulfil in the UK economy.

In this report we seek to address this by providing investors with background information on the sector and how it has performed in recent years. It is our hope that it will encourage investors to focus more attention on what we see as a neglected, but high-quality corner of the sterling market which provides some interesting opportunities on both senior and junior debt.

For more information, you can also view a webinar we held recently for investors on building societies and core capital deferred shares.

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Please note this information is being distributed in the United Kingdom and is directed only at investment professionals