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Amplifying economic and social impact

At Allia C&C, we provide a wide variety of services on funding for social and commercial enterprises. This ranges from charities, not-for-profits and mission driven businesses whose core purpose is to transform lives, communities and the environment; right up to medium-sized listed and private corporations with a sustainable business and who act responsibly.

With extensive expertise across different sectors – particularly housing, care, education, real estate and alternative lending – we help ensure the optimal funding solution is achieved for each business; whether that’s a bank loan, bond or private placement.

Our capacity to raise funding is supported by our trading desk; and our long-established relationships with banks, institutional and ethical investors, wealth managers and retail intermediaries.

Moreover, we’re uniquely aligned with investors who not only seek a financial return but want to see their money do good in society.

Our impact

We have arranged


to help charities, impact organisations and corporates with development projects and other activities



Retail Charity Bonds: Presentation

Retail Charity Bonds: Presentation

Mark Glowery, Director, Fixed Income Sales, at Allia C&C, outlines more about Allia’s Retail Charity Bonds, and describes in detail seven specific bonds which were issued by them since 2014 to date   Charities using the programme have included Golden Lane Housing, the Charities Aid Foundation and recently the Alnwick Garden Trust. Nine issues are trading on the LSE’s ORB platform, held by a wide number of investors from pension funds through to private investors 
Government support for charities

Government support for charities

The Government has launched a number of schemes designed to support charities and businesses in these difficult times. Working with our long term partner, Chatham Financial, Allia C&C has already advised a number of charities on successfully taking advantage of these schemes to help them continue to deliver their social impact.

Berwickshire Housing Association secures £5 million funding to build new homes

Berwickshire Housing Association secures £5 million funding to build new homes

Berwickshire Housing Association is pleased to announce its new partnership with Allia C&C to support the financing of their ongoing development programmes across Berwickshire for affordable housing and its vision to create thriving rural communities.