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One week, two charity transactions

We are delighted to announce the successful closure of two transactions in the space of one week for charities delivering strong social impact.

  • a new RCB bond for Greensleeves Homes Trust – a £25m issue for 10 years at 5%, incorporating £10m retained bonds. This closed more than a week early following heavy over-subscription;
  • a £25m retained bond sale for Incommunities Group Limited (Rated A+) – at a ground-breaking spread of Gilts+90bps, 7 bps through the bid for the bond in the secondary market.

As part of the Allia charity group, dedicated to facilitating the funding of charities and socially responsible business, Allia C&C benefits from strong credibility with investors focused on ESG and social impact. The success of these two transactions highlights our access to these ethical investors.

If you are a charity or a business with strong ESG credentials, we would love to discuss how we can help you on funding in this period of financial stress. Please get in touch and we’ll set up a chat.