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Care Thoughts: A Problem of Inappropriate Covenants

Allia C&C is pleased to share the latest issue of ‘Care Thoughts’ – a series of articles dedicated to raising awareness of key topics and challenges relating to funding the charitable care sector, and provoking meaningful action to address these problems.

In this issue, we look at the financial ratios used by existing lenders to the sector. We look at the appropriateness and constrains of these ratios and compare to the situation faced by the Housing Association and Private Rented Accommodation sectors.

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If you would like to talk further about this issue or how we can help your organisation, please contact Henrietta Podd at

Henrietta Podd, Head of Debt Capital Markets

Henrietta has over 30 years’ experience in the bond markets, largely in the wholesale bond markets and covering most industry sectors. This includes advising on the UK’s PFI/PPP programme, and also leading the debut issue for THFC No.2. Her particular expertise lies in providing advice for housing associations.