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Another successful LendInvest bond issue

We’re pleased to announce a successful new retail-eligible bond issue for LendInvest.

LendInvest is a leading technology driven platform for mortgages, offering short-term, buy-to-let and homeowner mortgages. Its proprietary technology and user experience are designed to make it simpler for both borrowers and investors to access property finance.

This latest bond issue is the second series issued from an EMTN programme established by Allia C&C in 2022, and the fourth issue managed by the Allia C&C team for the LendInvest group.

LendInvest’s primary goal was to partly refinance a previous issue of bonds that are maturing on 6 October. With a tight timeframe, Allia C&C managed the launch of an offer of 11.5% 3-year bonds to new investors along with an exchange offer to holders of the old bonds to swap their 2023 bonds for the new bonds. The offer was limited to two weeks, as the new bonds had to be issued before the old bonds were due for repayment, but in that time we were delighted to raise a total of £39 million through the exchange and cash offers. LendInvest issued a further £21 million of retained bonds which can be subsequently sold in the secondary market to raise additional funds.

Adrian Bell, CEO of Allia C&C, said “This was the fourth bond issue the team have managed for LendInvest, providing it with a stable source of capital for its bridge financing operations where it has built significant market leadership and a strong market share, raising over £190m in funding across the last six years. It further demonstrates the strength of demand for retail-eligible bonds.”