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Funding for International Students House

Allia C&C has provided support and advice to the charity International Students House (“ISH”) to help it expand its charitable mission of enabling young people to achieve their academic aims. ISH provides scholarships, financial support, and accommodation to university students out of its premises in Central London, and currently operates a building with 233 bed spaces, as well as conference and entertainment facilities.

ISH approached Allia C&C to support its aim of increasing the accommodation it can provide, by creating an appropriate business plan; reviewing the options available for it on funding; modelling the optimal debt package and conducting a competitive process to secure the most competitive terms.

The first stage of this process is now complete through a Lombard loan from HSBC Private Banking for up to £40m, completed on very attractive terms, including a rolling 24-month notice period. This notice period was particularly attractive to ISH given the certainty that this gives over and above a traditional on-demand facility. This is secured on its existing investment portfolio, allowing ISH to fund the first stage of the development programme without liquidating investments or charging its other assets.

Commenting on this result, Shami Nathoo, Finance Director of International Students House said: “This is a very important milestone in our strategic plan as a charity. The HSBC Private Banking Lombard loan will give ISH the ability to increase its affordable bed space provision whilst maintaining a strong investment portfolio and other assets free of charge. This flexibility will give the House the option for further growth in line with our 5-year plan. Allia C&C provided us with support and guidance during the process which enabled us to secure this debt facility at a very competitive rate and we are very thankful to them for that.

Adrian Bell, CEO of Allia C&C said: “We are delighted to have supported ISH as it developed its plans for additional student accommodation. In a high-interest rate environment, the Lombard loan provides it with flexible low-cost funding from HSBC Private Banking, while leaving it free to arrange a longer-dated loan once interest rates have fallen to more attractive levels.

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