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RCB Bonds: Social Impact Report

Our bond issuing platform, RCB Bonds PLC, has released its 2023 Social Impact report.

RCB is a bond issuing platform created by Allia to raise debt finance for charities and ethical companies, through bonds listed on the Order Book for Retail Bonds (ORB) of the London Stock Exchange.

The bond markets provide an opportunity for borrowers to raise unsecured, lightly-covenanted finance at a fixed rate for terms up to 10 years. However, the costs of issuing listed securities would normally make the markets inaccessible for medium-sized borrowers. RCB was established to break this barrier, enabling charities and ethical companies to raise the finance they need to invest in their business and accelerate their impact.

RCB borrowers are required to make an annual statement of social impact. This report provides an introduction to each borrower and highlights of their impact in the last year.

Please find the Social Impact Report here:

RCB Bonds