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IPF issues £78.1 million listed bond


Allia C&C is pleased to announce an issue for IPF of £78.1 million of 7.75% bonds 2023. These are listed on the Open Order Book for Retail Bonds (ORB) on the London Stock Exchange.

The issue formed part of a larger transaction whereby investors exchanged £58 million of the existing IPF 6.125% 2020 bonds for the new 7.75% bonds 2023, and subscribed for an additional £20 million of the new 7.75% bonds 2023.

It is the first exchangeable transaction carried out on the ORB and represents a significant innovation – allowing borrowers to retain their existing investor base while extending the maturity on their debt.

IPF is involved in providing Home Credit in a wide number of jurisdictions in Europe and Mexico. It is listed on the official list of the London Stock Exchange.