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Making connections in responsible finance

At Allia C&C, we provide a wide variety of services on funding for social and commercial enterprises. This ranges from charities, not-for-profits and mission driven businesses whose core purpose is to transform lives, communities and the environment; right up to medium-sized listed and private corporations with a sustainable business and who act responsibly.

With extensive expertise across different sectors – particularly housing, care, education, real estate and alternative lending – we help ensure the optimal funding solution is achieved for each business; whether that’s a bank loan, bond or private placement.

Our capacity to raise funding is supported by our trading desk; and our long-established relationships with banks, institutional and ethical investors, wealth managers and retail intermediaries.

Moreover, we’re uniquely aligned with investors who not only seek a financial return but want to see their money do good in society.

Our impact


arranged for charities and responsible businesses



£15m RCB bond issue for Golden Lane Housing

£15m RCB bond issue for Golden Lane Housing

Allia C&C is pleased to announce the early closing of the £15m 10 year RCB bond issue for Golden Lane Housing.

Burford Capital Tender Offer

Burford Capital Tender Offer

Allia C&C is delighted to announce the completion today of a tender offer for a partial buy-back of Burford Capital Limited’s 6.5 % Guaranteed Bonds due 19 August 2022.

Care Thoughts: A Problem of Inappropriate Covenants

Care Thoughts: A Problem of Inappropriate Covenants

Allia C&C is pleased to share the latest issue of ‘Care Thoughts’ – a series of articles dedicated to raising awareness of key topics and challenges relating to funding the charitable care sector, and provoking meaningful action to address these problems. In this issue, we look at the financial ratios used by existing lenders to the sector. We look at the appropriateness and constrains of these ratios and compare to the situation faced by the Housing Association and Private Rented Accommodation sectors.